Cockroaches, mosquitoes don’t live in my house.

No matter how clean your house is, there will always be annoying cockroaches and mosquitoes. Not only that, cockroaches carry more than 40 kinds of bacteria, the health of the family left a hidden danger.

Mosquitoes are afraid of spicy, and cockroaches are afraid of incense. Here are some super practical tips, safe and non-toxic, but also to repel cockroaches, mosquitoes, learn quickly!

“The way to deal with cockroaches.”

1, in the place where the cockroach frequently appears with the soap water besmear some on the surface or the wall surface, is more effective than the insecticide.

Because the grease on the belly of a cockroach dissolves when it touches the soapy water, it does not move for about 10 seconds. This method is suitable for the kind of home cockroach infestation has been relatively serious situation.

Onions Repel Cockroaches
Onions Repel Cockroaches

2, will 1 small dish granulated sugar and 1 small dish baking soda powder mixes, stirs evenly. Placed in the cockroach infested place, about one two after the cockroach will disappear without a trace.

The main principle is to use sugar to attract cockroaches to eat, and then let baking soda alkaline destruction of the cockroach’s stomach, will eventually die.

3, cut the onion into slices or silk on the plate, put the cockroach often haunt the place, a cockroach smell the excitement of the taste will not come again!

4, orange, lemon peel dried or baked, put in all kinds of cabinets, not only have the role of fragrance agent, but also can play a certain effect of cockroach control.

5, in the drugstore to buy a bag of boric acid, hot water dissolved right amount of boric acid, with a mop or dishcloth to wipe the floor, after drying, white boric acid crystallization will penetrate the floor gap, can prevent cockroaches, ants and so on.

6, borax, flour each A, and then add a little sugar, mixed into the size of rice balls, scattered in the cockroach infested place, after eating is poisoned.

7, find the appropriate size of the paper, the washing powder sprinkle on the top, in order to attract cockroaches can also sprinkle some sugar water. Put it where the cockroach haunts it, and it eats the washing powder and dies.

8, will be fragrant orchid leaf cut half, will many pieces of bondage together, put at home cabinet, drawer or wardrobe, not only can keep the indoor environment has fragrance, also can let the cockroach move immediately.


01, bogey with feet to trample cockroaches.

Cockroaches are not to be swatter to beat to death with their feet. The use of foot can spread the virus in the cockroach’s body.

The egg sheath in the cockroach is the bigger harm, this step instead accelerates the cockroach to breed the new generation cockroach, therefore, extinguishes the cockroach also to remember the egg.

It’s best to use a cockroach paper to see a sticky, very accurate and effective.

02, do not abuse the cockroach medicine.

A lot of people do not have obvious efficacy of a cockroach, add a few, put a lot of cockroaches mixed with the use of drugs.

In fact, more medicine will be “counterproductive”, so that cockroaches multiply more. And like insecticidal aerosol, cockroach coil, and so on, these things have a certain toxicity, after all, do not trust long-term use.

03. To prevent the neighbor’s cockroach from “infecting”.

After the cockroach is eliminated, a variety of holes and gaps should be blocked to prevent the cockroach from coming in from the neighbor’s home.

“The Mosquito repellent coup”

1, the washing powder mixed with soap into a small basin filled with water, placed in the underground corner, three days later, the number of mosquitoes suddenly reduced, 10 days after the water basin is full of “victory.”

2, the vitamin B1 soaks the body also to let the Mosquito dare not close the body. This water-soluble vitamin has no side effects. The excess component is completely discharged from the body and will not be stored in the human body.

3, if you want to go to the wild mosquito bites, 3-4 days in advance to eat vitamin B1, people do not feel, mosquitoes can not stand the taste, will be away from you.

4, with spices in the star anise, anise each two, soak in the warm water basin, with its bath, mosquitoes dare not close.

5, the indoor lighting dry orange peel, can replace the mosquito, both can drive mosquitoes, but also to eliminate the smell inside the house.

6, eat garlic can be effective mosquito repellent, because mosquitoes do not like the human secretion of garlic flavor.

7, in the point of mosquito-repellent incense, in the whole dish of mosquito-repellent incense on the amount of balm, it can make the mosquito-repellent incense choking, and full room clear, mosquito repellent effect is good.

8, will shade of the leaves and so on to twist into a rope, ignited after the indoor, its smoke taste can be repellent.

9, will dry after the residual tea burning, can dispel mosquitoes.

10, a lot of mosquitoes in summer, as long as the balcony to raise a few pots of evening primrose, the number of mosquitoes will be greatly reduced. Because the rich floral fragrance of evening primrose is a mosquito nuisance.

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